House Repairs You Shouldn’t Do When You Live Alone

Household Repairs

Expensive bills, lifting heavy objects, fear of safety, loneliness, boredom—these are just some of the hard factors of living alone. One of the worst ones is performing home maintenance and repairs, especially if you’re not a DIY junkie. Of course, you can always learn simple home repairs along the road, but there is the level of difficulty and severity of how much there needs to be done. 

Repairs that Involve Gas

Doing gas appliance repairs and connecting set lines by yourself might save your finances, but it’s something only a professional should fix. They surely know what’s needed and what works with the appliances you already have in your home, such as dryers, water heaters, and wood stoves.

The only thing you can do yourself for this kind of utility is to clean them. Still, you should be careful while doing so since it can be dangerous as well. A little gas leak can release carbon monoxide, spreading along the rest of the house and leading to fire accidents or poisoning.

Roofing Repairs

Even if you have a ladder and don’t mind climbing, you shouldn’t handle it alone. Without the help of a professional, there’s a good chance that you can cause more damage to your roof. It requires professional experience to get everything right. Worse, you could lose your balance and sustain serious injuries from falling.

If you live in a one-story house or need to fix one or two shingles or minor gutter work, you can probably do it if you’re comfortable and used to it enough. Still, these repairs can be dangerous, and you shouldn’t attempt to do them, especially when you’re home alone. 

Water Leaks and Plumbing

Suppose the repair involves a simple tightening of a slip-nut. If a leak comes directly from the hole in a drainpipe, you can use a hose clamp to fix it yourself. You can also probably handle replacing a showerhead and a faucet. But if the problem goes further from there and inside the wall, it’s best to call a professional. 

If you already notice that your sink drains slowly or clogs have become more frequent, this is a sign of a clogged drain, so your plumbing system will need sewer jetting. Extending hot water lines and re-routing water pipes are also things that you should leave to a professional. It could get out of hand quickly and lead to costlier damage.

Electrical Repairs

This is a given. Any maintenance performance that involves electricity should be addressed with so much caution and professional experience. Like all other repairs, you can be capable of fixing minor things, like switching light bulbs or installing a ceiling fan. Of course, you have to know the most basic rule, which is to turn off the power before proceeding.

Then again, if the project requires beyond replacing or putting up lights, a professional electrician is what you need. You must also be aware of the electrical hazards that can occur. You don’t want to have a terrible shock accident, especially when you live alone. Replacing or extending circuit wires is a dangerous chore if you don’t have much experience. A single wrong touch could lead to an electrical and even fire accident. A severe shock can also lead to an injury or death. 

Suppose you’re going to have a major electrical repair. In that case, you must request a permit since, depending on where you are in the country, there are building regulations mandated for public safety purposes. It might not seem like a huge deal, but it can become a major issue after a while.

Structural Repairs and Adjustments

Tearing down walls and making alterations in your home can cause serious damages to other house elements and even yourself. The wall you’re tearing down could be a part of other elements, like the plumbing and electrical system. Depending on how much change you require, there might be a need for a permit. So don’t do renovations by yourself and call a team of professionals. 

Asbestos Cleanup

While many can perform asbestos removal, it’s not recommended because of the inherent dangers of poisoning. Also, there are now many laws regarding asbestos removal because the public’s safety can also be compromised. The best thing you can do about this is to call an asbestos abatement group.

Whether or now you’re a DIY enthusiast, it’s always best to do a lot of research before proceeding to any major projects you want to make in your home. While living alone is tough enough yet rewarding, you should leave dangerous repairs to the pros before getting injured.

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