5 Red Flag Warning Signs That Your Home May Need A Water Main Replacement!

5 Red Flag Warning Signs That Your Home May Need A Water Main Replacement!

Your home’s water main line is absolutely critical when it comes to providing municipal water supplies to your plumbing fixtures, so it’s an obviously important plumbing line in general! No one even wants to imagine what it would be like if their water main breaks, but unfortunately a lot of people don’t even think about this crucial pipe until it’s too late. 

Below we’re going over water main replacement warning signs that you should be on the lookout for at least on a yearly basis, because simply being cognizant of these issues can help you potentially avoid much more costly plumbing repairs in the future! 

So here are five red flag warning signs oriented around water main replacements: 

Your Plumbing System Is Clogging Up Abnormally Too Often 

Although it’s normal for a home’s drains to clog every once in awhile, you’re definitely experiencing a serious plumbing issue when your drains are clogging on a regular basis. And when multiple drains throughout your home are experiencing problems on a consistent basis, then you can be rather certain that you’re about to experience a significant plumbing problem. 

Several drains clogging at once is a warning sign that something is wrong much deeper within your plumbing system, and it could potentially be a clog within your main water line. 

Your Entire Home Experiences Low Water Pressure 

Clogs and low water pressure issues are pretty similar, because you’re not necessarily experiencing major plumbing problems when only one fixture is exhibiting low water pressure. But this all changes when two or more plumbing fixtures are simultaneously having water pressure problems, because this is indicative that the low water pressure is originating from the same place: your water main. 

When your main water line becomes significantly clogged, your entire home’s water supply will struggle to get through the clog. This then creates water pressure issues in multiple plumbing fixtures, and it’s important to get this warning sign checked out as quickly as possible. This is because you may not necessarily be experiencing a water main clog, but potentially a leak! 

Your Home Has Pest Problems Out Of Nowhere 

Pests just so happen to love increased levels of humidity and moisture in residential properties, so if you notice pests flocking to your home then you can have a good idea that you have a hidden leak somewhere within your plumbing system. Water main leaks just so happen to be pretty serious plumbing issues, because the water has to escape somewhere!

Although pest infestations don’t always directly correlate to water main issues, they are one of the most common red flags that homeowners should simply be aware of.

Pools Of Water In Your Yard

Abnormally lush patches of grass and random water pools in your yard are another red flag warning sign associated with water main issues, and this is because it’s indicating that your grass is being watered and fertilized from below the surface.

Extra lawn water often originates from a leaking water main, and these issues will only get much worse with time. This is why it’s so important to be on the lookout for these types of warning signs, because this is often one of the first signs that people recognize when they are in fact experiencing serious issues with their main water line.

Discolored Water 

Water main breaks will often result in your home’s water supply including all sorts of different contaminants, including heavy metals, dirt and other debris. These contaminants will often result in discolored water that makes your water taste and smell strange, and this tainted water is usually dangerous to bathe in as well!

Although this is a really serious warning sign, it’s sometimes the first indication that people get about their water main issues. When you are experiencing discolored water, you should reach out to your local plumbing team right away!

Reach Out To Your Local Plumbers To Learn More About Water Main Replacement!

When your water main is experiencing issues, you can sometimes repair it and avoid full-on replacements. However, there are other scenarios in which your main water line is simply too old or experiencing too serious of issues to salvage. In these scenarios, you’re going to need a water main replacement from plumbing experts in your area!

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