5 numbers to keep on your phone for emergency repairs

5 numbers to keep on your phone for emergency repairs

It would be an unusual occurrence if as a homeowner you managed to get through life without encountering the odd household emergency. Whether that is a blocked drain, broken heating or a self-imposed problem such as locking yourself out of your house. When these problems arise it’s funny how often people find themselves scouring the internet for a number and ending up relying on online reviews and luck to ensure they get trustworthy tradesmen who won’t cost the earth. How much easier would it be if you already had the numbers of tradesmen you either knew or had been recommended on your phone. So, we thought we would put together a list of the 5 tradesmen whose numbers you should always have on your phone. 

Heating/ Gas Engineer

Is there anything worse than finding yourself without hot water or heating especially during the winter months? That becomes even worse if you are scrambling around to find someone to come out and get your boiler working again at short notice. Many of the companies listed on the internet are larger concerns meaning you are likely to end up being put through to a call centre where things are very impersonal, and you are just another punter. Would it not be better to be prepared by having the number of a local firm on your phone where you know you will get a quick efficient and personal service. 


There are a number of reasons why you may need the services of a locksmith in Sunderland or anywhere else for that matter at short notice. You may have lost your keys, locked yourself out of the house or been the victim of a burglary and feel you need to change all your locks. When this happens the last thing you need is to have to wait any length of time before someone can get out to you, as there is nothing worse than not feeling safe in your own home. By having the number of a reputable local locksmith at hand you can usually get quick service at a competitive price. 


Losing power in your home can be nothing short of disastrous in today’s technology-based world. Imagine spending a weekend with the kids with no TV or internet access. In fact, it’s probably not just the kids who would go stir crazy. So, having access to an electrician at short notice is even more important than ever, especially now that home working has become the norm. Even portable devices such as tablets laptops and mobile phones are reliant on mains power for charging. So, our advice is to find a good local electrician who you know has a reputation for outstanding customer service and keep their number close at hand. 

Drainage Company

One of the most common problems that occur in homes are blocked drainpipes, this can lead to lots of issues such as flooding, unpleasant odours and loud irritating noises that can make life at home unbearable. Having the number of a reliable local drainage company with transparent charging structures can be worth its weight in gold. A quick call will mean any inconvenience and disruption to your home will be kept to an absolute minimum.


If you ask any householder I will guarantee that reliable plumbers are more difficult to get hold of than any other trade. So, that is a very good reason to have a good local one in your phone for all those emergencies such as a toilet that won’t flush or a leaky tap that turns into a flood. That way you can save yourself all the inconvenience associated with those issues and get your house back to normal quickly. 

It is always worth having local contacts in your phonebook and these are just a few of the ones that are useful at short notice. Others to think about are maybe a painter and decorator or local mobile car mechanic who may be able to do your Audi R8 servicing much cheaper than the main dealer. 

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