Things to Consider When Hiring a Landscape Lighting Specialist?

Things to Consider When Hiring a Landscape Lighting Specialist?

What are the Things to Consider When Hiring a Landscape Lighting Specialist?

It can be difficult to find a landscape lighting contractor.

This is a list to help you understand the process and make an informed decision when you hire your lighting specialist.

Who is highly regarded in my region?

When looking for a landscape lighting specialist, I recommend asking your friends and neighbors if they know of any contractors who are available in the area. Your local builder, architectural review board, or neighbors might be a good place to start if you’re new to the area. Once you have the names of a few lighting companies in your possession, go to a review site such as Google My Business, Houzz or Facebook and take some time looking through the reviews.

Additional Tip: Look for reviews with low rankings on these sites to see the owner’s responses. It is usually a sign that a contractor cares about their clients as well as the quality of the work they do. It would surprise you to see how many contractors react to negative reviews.

Do our styles match?

After you’ve found potential lighting contractors, it is time to compare your styles. This is a great opportunity to review their previous projects and see if the “lighting style” they use matches your expectations. You will need to ensure that you hire a professional who is familiar with your vision and can help you to achieve it. Communication with the customer is another important aspect of style. Good communicators will listen to your needs and understand your goals. They will also be able to help you achieve what you want. To find the right fit, spend some time calling each contractor.

What Services Do You Offer?

It is a great question to ask prospects about their services. This is a great question to ask prospects in order to learn more about the person you are working with. My experience is that hiring a specialist will result in a better price and result than hiring a landscaper who offers full-service landscaping. It is a good time to ask the contractor if they will complete certain services “in-house” or if they will outsource to day laborers or other contractors. This is a great opportunity to get a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of the company. Personal preference: I only hire companies that offer complete in-house lighting design & installation.

Who Will I Contact During Construction?

Assist the same designer/associate who has worked with you from the beginning to bring your lighting design to life.

What are the timeframe, budget, and schedule?

It is important to know the company’s timeline and expected completion time before you sign any contracts. Ask the potential contractor whether any of their projects are over budget. A reputable company will never if ever, exceed the budget.

Are you licensed and insured?

Ask for proof that the company you are considering hiring is insured and licensed. Before you hire an outdoor lighting specialist, it is important to verify that they have insurance and a license.

This article was written by a lighting specialist at LD lighting. LD Lighting was Established in 2017 and is located in Central Florida, LD Lighting offers services in screen enclosure lighting, pool lighting, outdoor entertainment, and Landscape Lighting in Bradenton FL. We promise to give you the best quality of work and bring your ideas to life.

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