Looking to Boost Your Curb Appeal? Here’s How to Transform Your Outdoor Landscape

Outdoor Landscape

Now is the best time to pursue a home improvement project. This is because the COVID pandemic has forced every family to stay at home. Homeowners have all the time to rethink and reconsider how they live their spaces. They now realize the value of aesthetics functionality, safety, and comfort. As a result, home improvement projects have spiked during the pandemic.

When it comes to a home improvement project, many households will most likely consider their house interior. But a far more important consideration is the outdoor space as it determines your property’s curb appeal. One way to do so is to enhance your outdoor landscape, and this can be done in several ways.

Here’s how to transform your outdoor landscape to boost your curb appeal during the pandemic:

1. Build a Deck or Patio

Due to lockdowns and restricted movements, families are mostly confined at home. Home isolation and less physical activities can take a toll on their physical and mental health. That’s why setting an outdoor space to chill and relax can make all the difference.

That said, consider installing either a deck or patio. While a deck extends from your house without a roof, a patio lays directly on the ground, either attached or detached from your house. While both can enhance the beauty of your property, they are designed for outdoor relaxation and family bonding.

2. Install a Walkway

A walkway is exactly what it sounds like—a pathway used for walking around your garden or yard. This means that it has a functional purpose in your outdoor landscape. But if there’s one thing, it can also enhance your property’s curb appeal.

It’s best to be creative with your walkway installation. Go beyond the typical uniform and streamlined look. Instead, opt for odd shapes and sizes, as well as distinct materials and unique designs. You may consider walkway designs such as crushed rocks, stepping stones, bricks, stamped concrete, or pavers.

3. Construct a Water Fountain

Some homeowners have water features in their outdoor landscape. Some are lucky enough to have clean creeks or ponds in their surroundings. Not only are they beneficial to all most senses, but they are also visually appealing.

If you’re looking to have a water feature in your garden, consider installing a water fountain. You may need to invest in quality materials and hire a contractor to do so. But you won’t regret doing so, as this can improve your curb appeal.

4. Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has become increasingly popular among many households. Using energy-efficient light fixtures designed for outdoor can give your space outside a major facelift. Not only that, but it can also improve your home’s security at night by preventing burglars from sneaking in.

There are plenty of decorative lighting options to choose from. You may opt for string lights, hanging lanterns, and post-mounted lights. They all fall under ambient lighting meant to provide general illumination for your outdoor space.

5. Transform Your Garden

When we talk about the outdoor landscape, what immediately comes to mind? It conjures images of plants and shrubs with blooms thriving and flourishing in your garden. Of course, when transforming an outdoor space, we can’t do without taking care of the garden.

When it comes to gardening, it’s about time to grow your flowers and greenery. You can either grow them in the ground or use soil containers for a good foundation. 

When planting, consider perennial plants such as bearded iris, goldenrod, mint, agave, maple tree, alfalfa, and red clover. Opt for blanket flower, pineapple sage, false indigo, may night sage, and coneflower for perennial flowers. Check to see if they are readily available in your locality.

6. Get a Lawn Care Service

In line with garden transformation, it’s a good idea to hire a lawn care service. This type of service goes beyond regular lawn maintenance such as lawn mowing and trimming. Other services include constant irrigation, weed removal, pest control, and tree pruning. 

That said, you may want to consider getting these services to take care of your outdoor space. They will ensure that your grasses, plants, and even trees are growing healthy. Ultimately, consistent lawn care will kick your property’s curb appeal up a notch!

Transforming your landscape can go a long way. Be sure to consider some landscaping tips discussed abovefrom installing a walkway and transforming your garden down to hiring a lawn care service. All these will help bring your outdoor landscape into life. Not only will they boost your property’s curb appeal, but they will also increase your home value.

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