Before You Decide, Here is the Reality About Tiny Living

Many people dream of living in a small house, but it actually means changing their lifestyle. Read on to know the biggest considerations you need to consider before making a decision.

The decision to live in a tiny house is ironically a big one. Living in a small space means you need to alter your lifestyle. This is the case especially if you are used to traditional apartments and houses.

People have different reasons for tiny living. And if you plan to follow suit, one of the biggest considerations is the budget. Just because you live in a tiny space doesn’t automatically mean that it is cheaper. There are actually tiny homes that cost more than getting a regular apartment. For example, mobile homes are much more expensive than regular tiny homes. It really depends on your preferences. 

If you consider living in a small house, budget and lifestyle are the biggest considerations. To help you in the decision-making process, here is the truth about tiny living:

Tiny living is not for everyone

While ideas for tiny homes abound on Pinterest, actually living in one is more than the aesthetics. You have probably heard of stories about how one artist sold his home in the city to live in a tiny cabin in the woods. That sounds like the plot of some inspirational movie about finding the real you. However, that can also be a plot for a horror movie. 

This is not to scare you off, but just like paying an exorbitant amount for rent in the city, there are also cons to living in a tiny home. What you need to understand is that when making a decision as big as this, you have to be realistic. It is much more than the gloomy mornings you spend in a container van house. You actually have to deal with real-life things like the law.

There are states where tiny living is not a common practice. Because of that, there are no pieces of state legislation that cover what you can and cannot do. How are you going to get around home inspections? Are you ever gonna get mail in that part of the city? 

The good news is that there are states that are ideal for tiny living. If it is okay for you to move to Florida to fulfill your tiny living dreams, then most of your problems are solved. If not, you need to do some serious reconsideration. 

Tiny living impacts your daily life

Some people dreamed of living in a tiny home and fantasized about all the details. But some bubbles bust one by one when they actually moved. When you live in a tiny house, everything is small, obviously. And that requires a huge adjustment. 

If your workout routine requires you to move a lot, you might need to switch to another type of exercise. You can move your exercise outdoors, but you could be shy or it could be winter. If you like long hot showers, you might start to dislike them especially if you only have 30 by 30 inches of space for your toilet and bath in one. You might also have to let go of your habit of reading in your bed before you sleep. Some sleeping quarters only allow you a few inches below the ceiling so it really is just for sleeping. 

You see, tiny living is a challenge of flexibility, physically and lifestyle-wise. If tiny living won’t allow you to do the things you cannot live without, that’s another reason to think again. 

Tiny living is a hit-or-miss

Considering everything you have read so far, you might be backing out of your decision to start living tiny. However, this is not a tiny living slander. So, here are actually nice things about living in a compact space. Although, it must be said that sometimes you actually have to do the thing to realize whether it is the best move or not. 

The cost of maintenance is actually pretty low. Heating up your tiny home for winter costs less. Just like when you hire furnace replacement specialists for your house, consult professionals for the best heating systems for small spaces. It only takes a few minutes to clean. Maintaining cleanliness is fairly easy in a tiny house. No matter how much of a mess maker you are, you can tidy up in just a few minutes. You spend less on electricity because you only own a few appliances.

And, you actually have a lower impact on the environment when you live small. Living this way can also positively impact your mental health. You have more free time to do the things you love because you don’t spend a huge chunk of your day cleaning. You get to focus your energy and time on more important things. 

Factor in all of these things to arrive at the best decision. Only you can actually decide what is best for you. These things are just here to guide you in the process.

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