Keeping Your Home Clean on a Busy Schedule

Cleaning supplies

Who doesn’t like living in a clean house? An orderly and tidy home is very comfortable to live in. You don’t feel overwhelmed and stressed with everything lying around, and moving into a well-organized house feels lighter. But sadly, not everyone has the time to make an effort to clean their abode—or do they?

Everyone has time, no matter how little. It’s just a matter of how you make use of it throughout the day. In this article, you’ll learn how you can achieve that.

Just a Little at a Time Is Better Than Nothing

Here’s the thing, if you keep waiting for a “free day” to clean your house, you’re never going to get to it. You know that you can’t precisely dedicate cleaning time during your busy work week, but if you clean just a little bit each day, you won’t have to burn through an entire day cleaning the house on the weekend. You’ll have more time to yourself, you can relax during the weekend, and you keep the place at a constant level of cleanliness.

And a Few Minutes of Cleaning Is Better Than No Time at All

As mentioned in the last point, a little at a time is better than nothing. So when is that “a little at a time”? You can clean little by little when somebody else is busy and you find yourself free, or you’re when there’s a moment of potential efficiency. Going out to buy something? Throw the trash on your way out. If your kids haven’t dressed themselves for school yet, you can use this moment to put the dishes in the dishwasher. There are a lot of moments in everyday life where you can squeeze in a little bit of work. And doing so little by little will essentially remove the significantly larger ones.

Make Cleaning Supplies More Accessible

People find cleaning to be such a chore because their cleaning supplies aren’t as accessible. Just imagine, you need to clean a spill in the kitchen, but you’d have to get the mop from a different room. It might just be a few paces away, but sometimes those few paces can be bothersome when you’ve got so many other things to do. Just the simple detail of keeping cleaning wipes in every part of the house can be a great way to motivate people to clean better. So in places that are often used and often dirtied, you should have to wipe towels handy and a dedicated storage box under the sink for cleaning. 

Put Things Back Where You Take Them

The mark of a professional is when they put things back to where they belong. A good hairstylist puts back their hair styling tools in their holder, a good mechanic puts their wrenches back in their box, and a good homeowner knows to put their trinkets back where they belong. It’s not that you’re bringing work at home, but you’re following a sense of discipline that will benefit you. You won’t have to lose things anymore since you place everything where they need to be. There will be less clutter, and it’ll look good when you organize them on the wall. So make it a habit to put things back where to take them.

Try a Bit of Minimalism

Another reason why your house is hard to keep pristine is that there’s just too much clutter, too much stuff lying around that you don’t use. You don’t have to adopt a completely minimalist lifestyle, but decluttering can do wonders for the state of your home. Take a moment to look at a small section of your house right now, like your work desk. If there are parts of your desk that you can’t use because of papers, display mugs, a paperweight or two, and other trinkets, you need to make a firm decision to clean up and choose which ones are useful and which ones are just wasting your space.

Lastly, You Shouldn’t Be the Only One Doing All the Work!

Cleanliness is a shared responsibility, one that all the family shares. Make it a point to allocate and assign tasks to everyone. This includes your children! You don’t have to make them do tough chores, but having them chip away at the more manageable tasks can do a lot.

When everyone does their part in keeping the house clean, your house will be neat and stay clean. It’s all a matter of doing the easier tasks during the week, making supplies available, cleaning as you go, decluttering, and encouraging and empowering family members to be responsible with their own space.

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