5 Signs That You Need to Replace the Roof

5 Signs That You Need to Replace the Roof

The roofs are among the most important parts of a home. When they are functioning well, they can protect the entire house from exposure to harmful elements and water damage.

But with time, your roofs can start showing signs of different damage. It might be simple to take it for granted until there are major problems, like rot or water intrusion.

Don’t just be proactive. Consider also visiting dangeloandsons.com for roofing services after checking for early signs showing that your roof requires replacement to reduce risks of injuries and repair tasks. Some of the signs you need to check early include:

  1. Age

While this is not a warning sign, it is important to take it seriously. Roofs that are 20 years old can benefit from replacing them with something of high quality.

Many materials last longer, but the likes of concrete/clay, copper, and slate may survive for more than 50 years.

So based on the kind of material you already have on the roof and the very last time you replaced it, now can be a perfect time to replace it.

  1. Attic Issues

You might be dealing with damaged roofs when you start noticing water stains, which may start from ceilings to the walls.

If they are damaged, you might have them repaired almost immediately. Otherwise, tiny leaks might result in bigger issues.

For instance, you may have to deal with destroyed insulation or mold eventually, making you replace the damaged roof.

  1. Leaks

One of the obvious leaks showing that you need to replace the roof is to get water in your home. Regularly inspect the eavestrough Oakville and attic, especially after a hailstorm or rainstorm.

Check the water penetration signs since major leaks in your home are more likely to begin there. A complete roof replacement will be necessary to correct the issue.

Probably, some flashing has torn loose, or several shingles have blown off, exposing your roof deck to harsh elements.

No matter what, don’t hesitate to have the problem rectified after having it checked out before the issue worsens.

  1. Missing Shingles

A missing shingle is a common showing that you need to replace the roof. Since a roof shingle is exposed to outside conditions and weather, it will make more sense to know the reason it is more prone to damage.

But one thing to bear in mind is that missing and broken shingles are not created the same. If a roof shingle is broken, you have an opportunity to repair it. Otherwise, replacing the roof with a new one will be the only option left.

  1. Sagging

Probably, you have noticed some parts of your roofs have sagged. This happens because of materials deterioration, and it’s often a sign showing that you need to replace the roof. 

Failure to replace the roof on time might make it cave even more next time there is a strong hailstorm or heavy storm.

Final Thoughts!

If you have observed either of these signs, a roofing company may send their best team over to assess the current situation and even make some recommendations for replacement. This is why it is extremely important to have three different estimates before you choose any roofing company.

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