Carpet Cleaning Services

Your expensive carpet is an investment for your home, and you want to keep it looking good and new for as long as possible. Here are some easy practices to maintain your carpet and keep it looking brand new.

Clean spills as they occur

You should clean any spills, whether solid or liquids, as they occur immediately. Solid spills are easy to clean by just wiping. For the liquid spills, you should dab a mild cleaning solution on the area, followed by good blotting with a clean cloth from the outside in. Do not scrub your carpet to remove liquid spills as that can be damaging to the fibers.

Invest in area rugs

Carpets tend to wear out in high-traffic areas. You can prevent that by using area rugs on high traffic areas such as entry points, stairs, hallways, in front of sofas and chairs, etc. You can also place area rugs in the dining area where many food and drink spills tend to happen. Other than protecting your carpet, area rugs also add a decorative element to your house.

Vacuum regularly

You should vacuum high-traffic areas at least once a week or every two weeks. Cleaning regularly prevents dirt from building up on your carpet. Dirt can also damage the fibers on the rug and make it look older than it already is. Ensure you vacuum in several directions to remove all the dirt. Moreover, use a good vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet. You should buy a vacuum model that is right for your type of carpet and needs. 

Use doormats

It is good to use doormats to prevent dirt from entering your house, mostly impacting the carpet—place doormats in every entry point of exterior doors. Doormats come in handy, especially during the messy weather, as your guests can use them to shake off dirt before entering the house. Doormats are also dedicated spots to place dirty shoes.

Establish the no-shoes inside policy

Another simple way to keep your carpet in good condition is to institute the no-shoes inside policy. It is a custom in Asian countries that is growing in popularity in most areas. That means no one draws shoe dirt to your carpet, saving it from hard-to-clean stains and excessive wear.

Avoid using harmful carpet cleaning products.

Some companies sell carpet powders for removing odors, but they can be harmful to your carpet over time. They often leave a residue that becomes sticky, making it hard to clean your carpet.

Use professional carpet cleaning services.

Rather than scrubbing your carpet and damaging it, you can hire professional carpets cleaning services Los Angeles to ensure your carpet is cleaned correctly with the right cleaning products and equipment. Do not wait for the dirt to build up to engage professional carpet cleaners. You don’t want to risk some irreversible staining. Ensure your carpet undergoes a professional deep cleaning at least every six months or once per year to keep it in good condition.

final word

Employing the little practices mentioned above will leave your carpet looking as good as new.

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