Loud Backyard Designs Aren’t Inherently Bad, Just Difficult

Loud Backyard Designs Aren’t Inherently Bad, Just Difficult

While most people often faun over the front yard and the immediate first impression it provides for your property’s overall curb appeal, your home’s backyard design is just as important when we start talking about overall functionality and comfort. And even though we adore the trend of geometric and minimalist takes, we’re more than happy to see some home renovation enthusiasts go for the wildcard with a more loud and extravagant appeal, not afraid to stand out and make a statement.

However, one gripe we have with loud backyard designs is that most homeowners often run into the same challenges and end up turning their dream design into a complete disaster because they jump from one flaw to the next without recovery. Sure, their efforts deserve due credit, but we think it’s time we address why loud backyard designs end up looking bad and just how you can overcome these issues to design something unique for your home.

#1 Your Flora And Vegetation Are All Over The Place

Firstly, one of the most infamous cardinal sins home design enthusiasts make with a loud backyard aesthetic is emphasizing the flora and vegetation to the point where it’s all over the place. Yes, we understand that some designs can manage various flowers spread across the landscape, but your gorgeous autumn blooms won’t be scoring any points under the spotlight if you fail to layer and match them accordingly. 

So, before you go out buying every available perennial near you, we strongly recommend that you plan out the heights, flower beds, and potting first to avoid the risk of making the backyard garden look like a jungle. At the end of the day, it’s all about balancing things out, and being loud doesn’t mean we throw all reasoning out the door in terms of mixing and matching.

#2 The Hardscape Clashes With Your Base Color Palette

In addition to the issue with too much flora and vegetation scattered everywhere, another common problem that loud backyard designs run into is when the hardscape clashes with your base color palette. Of course, some will argue that attaining a more eclectic appeal does work in certain situations. Still, when managing the exterior and landscaping of your home, complementary tones are much more appreciated. 

Therefore, when designing patterns and themes for stone, brick, or tiled pathways, please don’t shy away from the classics like greys, blacks, and other neutral hues because they can work with almost any color you throw at it. Likewise, feel free to experiment with more vibrant colors that match other exterior features, so as long as it doesn’t take away from the entire appeal of the backyard.

#3 Everything Feels Cluttered, And There’s Not Much Room

Lastly, while loud and extravagant backyard designs are all about moving away from the essential features of minimalism, please avoid cramming in way too many design pieces to the point where the entire backyard feels cluttered. Remember, a backyard also functions as your escape and place for relaxation, and if there’s zero room to move around or host a simple BBQ party, then you’re clearly doing something wrong. 

Clutter and overdesign will only take away from the overall appeal, and no matter how beautiful your maple trees look in fall, they won’t function as well as a centerpiece when many features are trying their best to steal the spotlight. So, we suggest you refrain from going all out with the number of design pieces because having space is crucial to any backyard.

You Can Be Extravagant But Don’t Go Overboard.

Now, regardless of the clear disadvantages to a loud backyard design, that’s not to say extravagance is inherently flawed because it can work under the right circumstances, especially if you don’t go overboard. So, if you’re dead set on creating an extravagant and loud backyard look, then we recommend (1) starting with the basic features, (2) balancing your color combinations, and (3) always value function over form. 

  • Don’t Play With Difficult Design Features: We know how tempting it can be to introduce small ponds, vined pergolas, and maybe even a fountain, but you might want to step away from complex design features that take extra skill and detail to master. Sure, if everything turns out okay, it will look perfect; but, you don’t want to risk it if you’re still new to landscaping and remodeling your backyard.
  • Balance Your Complements And Contrasts: Apart from feature installation difficulty, we strongly recommend that you reference a base color palette to follow so that you don’t have trouble balancing your complements and contrasts. Not everyone’s gifted with an eye for design and eye-catching color combinations, so don’t overestimate your skills and keep things loud but on a manageable level.
  • Always Value Overall Functionality: Last but not least, if you ever run into an issue of weighing aesthetic opportunity versus functionally, always value function over form 100% of the time. No matter how good your backyard will look in the result, it will be for nothing if it comes at the cost of extra plumbing work that could’ve been addressed much earlier on in the project.

Make Your Backyard Stand Out!

Good-looking backyards are commonplace in today’s age of home design, but it takes quite the creative homeowner to make their backyard stand out from the rest. So, if you’re willing to try your hand at loudness and extravagance, always remember the keynotes mentioned above to save yourself the headache. 

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