Jazz It Up With A Subway Tile Splashback For Your Kitchen

Jazz It Up With A Subway Tile Splashback For Your Kitchen

Whatever your design aesthetic is or how much space you have, one thing’s for sure, a subway tile splashbackis a classy addition to virtually every kitchen.

Inspired by tiles that line the iconic New York City subway stops, subway tiles have been on the rise ever since they were discovered in 1904, and for good reason. Lauded for their versatility, their rectangular shape is simple enough to act as a white canvas, yet can make a statement when reimagined in a bold or understated colour.

They’ve been around for some time, after a resurgence nearly a decade ago, but subway tiles are still going strong as new colours come out and different tiling techniques, such as herringbone and stacked, are a variety of the ways in which they’re used.

That being said, subway tiles are the furthest thing away from boring. With the right design cues, a subway tile splashback can be the perfect finishing touch for any kitchen.

What Is A Backsplash?

  • A backsplash functions to protect the wall from splashes and splatters that come from cooking and/or preparing food. Typically speaking, the only prerequisite for the tiles used is that they should be easy to keep clean.
  • Equally important is that the surface is fire-resistant and non-porous, both of which are found in tile. Beyond that, the choices are mainly aesthetic.

The splash-back gets a lot of visual attention and can be your perfect opportunity for a design statement. By incorporating a subway tile splashback design, this area can become a focal point, not just of the kitchen but of your home.

Don’t shy away from introducing a colourful and fun design that in itself can become a piece of art. Using subway tiles artistically is a great way to utilize their versatility and create an artistic balance.

Colours Are Key

A lot of times, splashback tile decisions default to plain white subway tile. This gets boring, especially since there is such a huge range of colours and tile patterns to choose from these days.

With tile innovation so advanced now, there should be no problem with choosing a unique subway tile splashback design for your home and its aesthetic.

Heightens Market Value

An expertly finished and well-designed kitchen can also be a hot selling point and has real potential to add value if you happen to put it on the market. More often than not, easy and cost-effective tweaks in remodelling your kitchen space can produce great results for you.

Plus, a kitchen splashback space is typically minimal so a fantastic subway tile splashback is ideal, as it can be removed or even tiled over to update at some later stage at a relatively low cost.


In conclusion, for a simple design that will inundate your home with a quiet feeling of luxury, go for a subway tile splashback. This design is classy, understated, and adaptable to all of your previous design themes. The spirit of subway tiles has a New York feel, and it’s proved by the saying, ‘If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere!”

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