It’s Cold Out There: Guide to Winterizing Your Home

winterizing your house

A white Christmas is something almost everyone can enjoy. It’s called a winter wonderland for a reason. There are many activities that you can enjoy. Your family can make a family of snow angels. Frosty the snowman and Olaf will reappear to entertain the kids. That glass of whiskey would taste better. And your cozy duvets would make each morning more relaxing.

But as enticing as winter may be, there are still risks that you have to prepare for. Whether to avoid financial losses or keep your family safe, prepping your house for the cold season is an important mission.

With that in mind, here are 12 tasks you have to remember to winterize your home.

Heat It Up

  • Insulate windows and doors — Your windows and doors are usually where the cold slips in. Make sure they’re properly insulated to keep your home warm and lessen your energy consumption. Caulking gaps is a sure way to secure your windows and doors. If you’re short on the funds, you can try repurposing foam or plastic to seal the gaps. You can also use nail polish to fill the cracks in glass and wood surfaces. And don’t forget to add thick curtains for additional defense.
  • Warm your floors up — Underfloor heating can be quite expensive. Especially, if you take into account that you’ll probably only be needing them in winters. Adorn your floors with warm and fuzzy rugs and carpets instead. Not only will they protect you from the searing cold of tiles and concrete floors, but they’ll also help in holding the heat indoors.
  • Cover your pipes — Winter is dangerous for your plumbing. When met with strong pressure, exposed and unheated pipes with possible frozen water inside can burst. To avoid unnecessary financial losses, go to the nearest hardware store and buy pipe insulation foam.

Outside Jobs

  • Trim your trees — snow can pile up on tree branches in an instant. With a heavier load, branches can break and fall onto your roof. And branches covered in ice can even be a danger to your and your family’s lives.
  • Unclog your gutters — Making sure your gutters aren’t clogged is a task for all seasons. However, in winter, its necessity rises to another level. Remember, snow and ice melt. And they can also get refrozen in an instant. Clogged drains eventually lead to either your gutter bursting or breaking apart entirely. Both ways might end up with a water-damaged home.
  • Strengthen your roof — As stated above, overgrown tree branches might fall on your roof. But aside from that, there are also heavy snowfalls and hailstorms to worry about. Appease your concerns with a strengthened roof. Check for damages and worn-out parts and make sure to reinforce them.

Maintenance Matters

  • Service your air conditioning unit — Your ac system’s filters must be changed regularly. Proper air conditioning maintenance is essential, especially a few weeks before winter arrives. If it gets stuck and unused for an entire season, the unchecked damages and leaks might cause it to break entirely. And maintenance is always cheaper than replacement.
  • Bleed your radiator — Just like with your ac, malfunctioning radiators usually use up more energy, thus causing more unnecessary expenses. You can easily notice if your radiator requires bleeding. If the top part is cold and the bottom part is hot, that’s an indicator that you’re almost too late. So, to release the air stuck inside, look for the bleed valve, turn the valve counterclockwise, wait for the valve to release water to ensure that the air has been released, and make sure that the radiator’s turned off before you do anything.
  • Clean your chimney — Your chimney will be used during winter more than the entirety of the other three seasons. That’s why you need to get your chimney swept. It’s funny how chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning can be prevented by simply cleaning.

Additional Measures

  • Stock up on medical supplies — You’ll never know when the need will arise. Hopefully, you won’t need them but on the off chance that you will, having them can be the determining factor in a life-or-death situation.
  • Prepare emergency kits — Much like stocking up on med supplies, having emergency kits in case of blackouts and blizzards is a must. Cranked or battery-powered radios can help receive news. Powerbanks are essential during power interruptions. And simply prepped food supplies can help keep you and your family safe and healthy.
  • Make sure the house is insured — The best way to ensure your safety is by getting the right insurance. There are multiple dangers during the winter. From fallen tree branches to breaking and entering, anything can happen. Getting your property insured will help lessen the cost of the damages.

For the safety and comfort of your family, winter-proofing your home is an important task that you should never neglect. Your hard work in the days to come will be essential in achieving a relaxing holiday some people just dream of.

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