Install a Countertop Water Filtration System Into Your Home

Countertop Water Filtration System

With contaminants like chlorine, synthetic chemicals and lead in your tap water it is imperative that you have a quality countertop water filtration system installed. Chlorine is one of the most common contaminants found in your tap water, but many people do not realize that they may be consuming traces of it in their shower water. Synthetic chemicals such as BPA and phthalates are also present in your tap water, and they can end up in your hair and drinking water if it is not filtered out properly. A reverse osmosis filter can only trap certain contaminants of this nature, however, and the rest can find their way back into your tap water.

A countertop water filtration system will effectively remove these contaminants, as well as many other chemical contaminants that are present in your filtered water. Your water filtration system will also effectively remove any minerals that have been filtered out by the filter. This is critical when you consider that some minerals are vital for human health.

One particular device known as the “Reverse Osmosis” system has been around for decades and was the standard technology for water filtering prior to the development of the reverse osmosis filter. A reverse osmosis membrane was first developed for the purpose of desalinating seawater, which is something that is still done in some places today. The reverse osmosis membrane was never intended for use in drinking water, so your chances of ingesting any contaminants in this way are pretty slim.

Your best bet for filtering your own tap water is to purchase a home water purification system. Most home systems will not have a reverse osmosis system included but will use a carbon-based filter that traps the impurities in your water. You then have the option to add additional filters to further purify the water. The most effective system on the market uses a combination of filters.

A countertop water filtration system can be installed just about anywhere. Before you decide on a specific brand, make sure you do your research. The same is true if you’re looking at countertop water filtration systems. Some companies will sell their units directly to you, while others will have a store location where you can purchase your own unit. There is also a large market for water filtration units that attach directly to your plumbing system.

While countertop water filtration systems may be appealing to homeowners, the price will usually be more than you expect. These filters generally require installation, which can be quite expensive. The most effective units are those that are placed on the kitchen counter. They generally do not require any additional plumbing, and the cost is much lower. You can save a lot of money by doing the research before purchasing your own water filtering unit.

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