Adulting 101: Make Your Home Appliances Last Longer

Adulting 101: Make Your Home Appliances Last Longer

To keep your house and indoor air quality clean, you’ll have to vacuum weekly. You might also have to vacuum high-traffic rooms more frequently, especially if you have pets. For that reason, you have to maintain your vacuums to get the maximum life expectancy with fewer trips to the repair shop.

Here’s a guide on how you can keep your vacuum cleaner last longer than expected:

Mistakes You Tend to Make

Not Getting Rid of the Clogs

Inspecting the wand and hose for visual clogs is necessary every time you use your vacuum cleaner. Getting rid of the clogs will improve suction power and help the device last longer and work more efficiently. If cleaning it with your hand isn’t possible, you can use a gardening stake or mop handle to push it out.

If you’ve already detached the wand and hose, there’s something you can do to test the vacuum. Try putting in a nickel through them and see if it gets stuck. If it does, you’ll know the wand and hose are still clogged.

Not Detangling the Brushes

Modern vacuum cleaners feature rotating brushes that loosen up dirt and dust particles from the carpet. That will allow the air stream to suck in those particles quickly. But if you let loose strings, pet fur, or hair get stuck in the brushes, they will not work correctly.

Use a pair of scissors and cut through the particles to loosen up the brushes. Then, smooth them out with a comb.

Not Clearing Out the Filters

Each vacuum cleaner will have its unique features, but each manual will specify how often the filters must be replaced or cleaned —most models with a sponge-like ring filter or accordion-shaped paper filter. If you’re using a vacuum with washable filters, you have to follow the manual’s guidelines.

In fact, the frequency will depend on how often you use the vacuum and how dirty the surfaces are. Don’t wait for your vacuum to malfunction before you consider replacing or cleaning the filters. If you notice that it already looks dirty, replace or clean them.

Not Storing the Nuzzles Right

Usually, the vacuum cleaner’s attachments come in a particular storage area. It can be either on a separate bag or the device itself. Most people tend to leave the upholstery tool or brush anywhere instead of storing them properly.

That might not be a problem until it gets damaged or lost. By storing the attachments properly with the vacuum cleaner, they’ll less likely get damaged or lost.

Not Stopping When It’s Smoking

Don’t push the vacuum cleaner past its limits, especially if you smell smoke. Most will assume that they can still use the device before addressing that problem. but you must make it a habit to be attentive. If you push your vacuum cleaner to its limits, the motors will heat up, burning the belt. That causes the vacuum’s belt to get burned.

If you realize that your vacuum cleaner is burning, cut the damaged belt with a pair of scissors and replace it before you go back to what you’re doing.

Using the Wrong Settings

Most vacuum cleaners have their settings based on the floor covering or surface you’re cleaning. If you tend to use the wrong setting, you might damage your vacuum, making it less efficient. That will also affect its expected lifespan. Use your vacuum cleaner’s lowest setting if you want to get the proper airflow for suction.

What to Do for Them to Last Longer

Below is a list that you can refer to if you want to keep your vacuums last longer. If these tricks don’t work, you might have to visit a Dyson repair shop for assistance.

Don’t Let the Bags Get Filled.

Don’t let the bin or bag get filled to the brim. On top of clogging the inner components, it can lead to dirt and dust particles being pushed out back into the air you breathe. If you own a bagless vacuum, make it a habit to clean the bins or bags after every use. Most models will have an indicator that will remind you of when to replace the bin or bag.

If you own an older unit that doesn’t have this feature, use the squeeze test. If you notice that the suction power isn’t as strong as before, that’s another sign the bin or bag is full.

Make Sure to Clean the Brush.

Over time, your vacuum’s brush can become tangled in loose strings, pet fur, and hair, especially if you have kids or pets. Make it a part of your routine to clean the brush by hand. You might have to cut through the string and hair with scissors and pick them out by hand. If your vacuum has a hand tool, you can still use the same process to clean it.

Your vacuum cleaner is still a gadget. Like other home gadgets, you’ll have to clean and maintain them properly. That helps in keeping them efficient as they must. Because it also has different components, you might have to do a thorough cleaning.

Keep them efficient so that you don’t have to replace them frequently. Buying a new one can be expensive, but maintaining one is easy if you follow the tips listed above.

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