8 Easy Paint Projects To Spruce Your Home Up Using 1 Can of Paint

8 Easy Paint Projects To Spruce Your Home Up Using 1 Can of Paint

Paint projects can make fun-filled activities if you’re stuck at home!. They are a great way of using excess paint while transforming the look of your home. Some ways you can use the paint include refurbishing old items or creating intricate designs on your walls.

Interested in finding out how? Check out this list of paint projects to get inspired today!

1. Revamp Old Furniture

Furniture painting is a quick and simple paint project you can do with 1 can of paint. This project allows you to easily revamp your old furniture to give it a brand new look.

Before you paint, ensure that you sand the piece of furniture using sandpaper. This removes its glossy finish and helps the paint to adhere better to its surface.

2. Paint a Striped Wall

If you’re looking for an easy and relatively cheap way to spruce up your home, why not try painting a striped wall?

With 1 can of paint, you can create a striped wall that serves as a focal point in your home and makes your interior decor look bold and unique.

To achieve clean stripes, it’s important to mark the position of your design using a pencil and place the painter’s tape over the markings.

3. Paint a Feature Wall

Painting a feature wall can make your room appear bigger or cosier. Apart from that, this paint project doesn’t require a ton of effort and materials to carry out. This makes it a quick and fun activity that can be done over the weekend.

4. Add Details to a Door

Painting your door is a simple project that can drastically transform its otherwise boring design. You can choose to refresh its look by changing its color or by adding a pattern like in the picture above.

Remember to remove hardware such as the knob and hinges from the door. This makes painting much easier for you and increases your efficiency.

5. Make Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art can be easily created with a can of paint and a paintbrush. Wall art adds personality into a plain wall space by turning it into a visually appealing, functioning masterpiece.

As seen in this picture, the black and white abstract painting adds a contrast to this neutral living area.

There are many ways you can go about to create wall art. It’s advisable that you do your research and find a preferred tutorial before getting started. Some essential materials you may need when creating your art include 1 can of paint, a canvas, and a paintbrush.

6. Make Customised Desk Organisers

If you have glass jars sitting around in your home, you can consider upcycling them into desk organisers. These desk organisers require minimal effort and materials to make and are a fun home project to do with your kids.


Apply a layer of paint sealer on the surface of the jar to increase the longevity of the paint.

7. Paint Your Headboard

Painting your headboard helps to bring your bedroom to life by adding a touch of style and texture into the space. This painting project can easily be completed within a few hours and isn’t too expensive to do.

When carrying out the makeover, ensure that you sand the surfaces of the headboard before you start painting. This will help you achieve a smooth, even finish.

8. Give Your Bathtub a Makeover

Give your bathroom a budget-friendly makeover by painting your bathtub. All you need is some time, a few painting tools, and a bucket of paint to transform the look of your tub. This paint project saves you the hassle and expenses of having to replace your bathtub and is relatively easy to carry out.

Prepare the bathtub for painting by removing old caulk and using your preferred products to give it a thorough cleaning. You should also protect the surrounding areas by applying painter’s tape around the sides of the tub.

Carrying Out a Paint Project with 1 Can of Paint

Using a single bucket of paint for a paint project seems like an impossible task. However, with a bit of creativity and some basic tools, the design possibilities are endless!

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