5 Easy Tricks You Can Use to Update Your Office Space on a Budget

5 Easy Tricks You Can Use to Update Your Office Space on a Budget

Over the last eighteen months with many of us working at home, our normal working environment in the office has been largely unused. It is no surprise therefore that many of these spaces may be looking slightly tired and unloved. 

Now with employees starting to return to the office, attention will turn to ensure they have a smart and pleasant place to work in as this is a key component in the recruitment and retention of staff. However, the worldwide pandemic has had a big impact on business as a whole so many companies are looking to trim budgets and do a little belt-tightening. So, here are five ways you can create maximum impact with a minimal budget. 


Changing the colour is, without doubt, the easiest way to give an office a new look and feel. It is the perfect way to take your companies corporate colours and display them on the walls. Why not have a look at colour theory for mood specifics but the one thing that should always come into consideration is natural light. Remember if you have limited natural light then the use of lighter colours will help spread this throughout the room whereas a darker colour will just absorb it. 

Add Some Plants 

It is a well-documented fact that plants improve peoples moods as well as the quality of the air in any indoor space. This definitely helps staff as there is nothing worse than working in an environment that is stuffy and unhealthy. Several university studies have found that placing certain houseplants in an office space has a positive effect on productivity. However, as we all have friends who have killed plants at home low maintenance options are usually the sensible choice. 

Window Coverings

There is nothing that makes an office space look untidy and tired more than dirty or damaged window coverings. We would suggest that you fit blinds in Bathgate or wherever your office space is located. Blinds are not only smart practical and easy to operate but are extremely cost-effective as they are generally hard wearing and if looked after can last for years. Blinds also allow you to easily control the flow of natural light into your office space as well as being useful when it comes to regulating temperatures. 

Vary Your Lighting

Our brains love variety and lighting is something that can offer that. Many offices have typical overhead fluorescent lighting which, to be honest, is quite drab. One way to vary this is to provide task lighting at the desk, or if you are on a limited budget may be a showpiece lamp. 

Where lighting is concerned always think about the area you are trying to light and what you are trying to achieve. This will dictate the type of fixtures you will need and the brightness of the lamps. Task lighting is perfect for this as it gives the user control and offers the chance for personalisation. 

Breakout Space

Breakout spaces have become an integral part of the office environment in recent times. This is because providing comfortable seating in a casual space allows for informal conversation and often this is where the best ideas come from. Quite often casual conversations over a sandwich or a cup of coffee are the source of inspiration. 

These are just a few of the ways you can make your office a brighter and more productive environment without breaking the bank. There are many other things you can do but hopefully, these will be a good starting point.

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