10 Common Misconceptions About Owning a Sustainable House

10 Common Misconceptions About Owning a Sustainable House

A sustainable house was a concept created to efficiently use resources without leaving a substantial negative impact on the environment. It’s a great way to give back to the environment that we live in. There seems to be a catch, though. Sustainable housing is a good idea for some, but it can be a nightmare for others.  

Here are some common misconceptions about owning a sustainable house:

1. It’s Only for Tree Huggers

Sustainable living could be part of being in sustainable houses. It’s a huge myth that caring about the environment using this method is only for tree huggers. As long as you’re passionate enough to make this big decision, whether you are a tree hugger or not, you can choose sustainable housing.

2. It’s Cost-friendly

One needs to be honest here, and it’s not necessarily cheap. Sure, some sustainable houses are, but the higher quality houses tend to take longer and be more expensive. It is not unaffordable, but you have to take note of the costs.

Always remember, the bigger the house, the more expensive it will be. But the bigger expense you have, the greater the value of your home is when you want to put it on the market. Sustainable living can be expensive at first, but it is practical in the long term because sustainable products are high-quality and durable.

3. It’s Not Fun

Building a sustainable house may not be fun, but that is a misconception. Yes, it may take a lot of planning and making big decisions. But at the same time, you get to learn about sustainable practices, and you can share your experiences and the advantages with your family and friends who are thinking about turning their homes into sustainable ones. Well, at least you’ll be satisfied with your conscience in the end.

4. Going “Green”

The terms “sustainable” and going “green” tend to overlap with each other. They are not synonyms of each other. In this era of technology, it’s difficult to say that billions of people would not depend on technology in exchange for a comfortable standard of living. There are always ways to reduce toxic emissions without going “green.”

5. It Lowers Living Standards

This is a common misconception. It is true that you have to do more with fewer things, though. Being efficient with your energy and waste does not downgrade your way of living. You are not lowering your standard of living. You are upgrading it in little things you don’t even realize. Yes, you have to get rid of some unsustainable practices, but there are always alternatives to it. Like for example, paint. Paint can be very harmful to the environment, but you can use environmentally-friendly paint. Yes, it may cost more, but it can last a lifetime.

6. Reduces Pollution

This represents a false solution in terms of using sustainable houses. It does not solve pollution, but it definitely helps in improving the environmental status. It may be small, but it’s always best to take the first step into anything. You can start in little ways, like installing solar panels to make your home more energy-efficient. 

7. It’s for Everyone

It’s encouraged to try living a sustainable life in a sustainable house. This is a good idea for most, but sometimes people just don’t have the same principles in life. Sometimes one can say it’s a privilege to have a sustainable home.

8. It’s Flexible

Some materials may be limited to certain things. As of now, it’s a bit tedious to try to incorporate modern ideas onto fixed objects. There are many ways to innovate your sustainable house, and it’s just not guaranteed that you’d be able to use every creative idea you have.

9. The Short Construction Period

Not all houses can be built quickly. Some sustainable houses are cheap and immediate, but that does not imply to every sustainable home out there. Depending on how you envision your home, it can take a long time and could cost more.

10. It Looks Too Simple

A sustainable house is just like any house with a few more benefits. It is a definite myth to say the house will look bland. You can always place beautiful plants and other designs to make your house as grand as any other.

Nowadays, sustainable houses are on the rise, which is one of society’s best trends. Climate change is a serious issue that humans need to fix and pay attention to. A sustainable house might not fix every problem, but it will surely help. Every action—no matter how little it is—will count.

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